NSA Services

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Repair – NSA Full Services

National Service Alliance provides high-performance solutions for the aftermarket services industry. NSA offers a complete suite of warranty administration services, customer support/call center operations, parts warehousing, distribution, on-site repair services, regional repair depots, reverse logistics, service management, processing of returns, asset recovery, refurbishment and end of life disposal services.

Supply Chain Visibility

Parts Warehousing and Distribution
NSA partners with leading parts distributors to ensure fast access to service parts inventories and expedited shipping.

Part Location
NSA provides real-time part tracking, enabling us to communicate when the part will arrive to its destination.

Cost Controls
With our qualified technicians, NSA will help reduce your costs by determining only the parts necessary to complete the repair.

Order Management
As a member with full access, you can easily share information between customers, distributors, customer service and all key members.

Reverse Logistics
Several large NSA service locations provide reverse logistic services ranging from processing of all dealer product returns, refurbishment, advance exchange, warehousing and shipment of “B” goods merchandise. Ask National Service Alliance about a full service solution that matches your unique after-sale support requirements.

Warranty Administration Services

Product Warranty
Check the Warranty status easily or get the warranty registered.

Customer Support/Call Center Operations
NSA will provide your organization with dedicated support to guide your business and assist with things like software and hardware installation, part tracking, user account management service scheduling and much more. Our technical support staff is in- house, and U.S. based. An award-winning customer service and technical knowledge call center stands ready to help your customers at any point.

Actionable Items
Receive alerts from our system informing you of messages or any actions that you need to take.

Process Returns
Manage the return process for your customers. Receiving the product back, restocking and issuing a return to the customer.

Service Administrators

Service Management
We take care of all your service functions. NSA will take care of all the details delivering a great customer experience along with cost savings for your company.

Field Service Dispatch
National Service Alliance offers comprehensive field service dispatch and scheduling services for its national network of technicians. Call center personnel simply enter a zip code and date to request a list of available service openings. The preferred date and time are then reserved and the booking is automatically confirmed with a unique reservation number. The NSA system can be fully integrated with all levels of system capabilities. NSA offers a web-based scheduling and dispatch package. This package will interface with any Call Center CRM software. It can also function as an individual service management package for an independent service provider.

All Appliances and Electronics

NSA repairs all appliances and electronics – Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Microwaves, HVAC, Televisions, Computers (Desktops and Laptops) as well as HVAC and other home systems including plumbing and electrical.

National On-Site Service Network
NSA provides field service coverage for all metropolitan and secondary markets throughout North America including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. NSA’s managed service network includes more than 1600+ local companies with more than 6,000 service technicians. The core-competency of this highly skilled network is the repair of televisions, consumer electronics, appliances, HVAC systems/components and a wide variety of electro- mechanical devices.