Ironwood Warranty Group launches Connect Protect®

Ironwood Warranty Group launches Connect Protect®, Connect Protect, a unique new subscription service plan, offers expanded protection to the modern consumer. Connect Protect plans include personal devices such as cell phones, tablets, headphones, and ear buds to all those living in the home. Like other plans in the market, it also covers all office equipment, such as printers, tablets, and laptops, as well as televisions, gaming systems, sound systems, and smart devices in the home. The plan is tailored to give the modern consumer one simple plan for protection and technical support for all their home technology needs.

Connect Protect provides protection on personal devices such as the homeowner’s mobile phone, tablets and wearables. Also, home office, home entertainment equipment and more. The plan is tailored to give the modern, smart-home homeowner an additional peace of mind in case of mishaps.

“Our goal is to deliver real value beyond the usual home warranty plan and protect the technology belonging to the people within the home, like their mobile phone and smart watch”, said Kevin Callahan, President of Ironwood Warranty Group. “Connect Protect not only covers products that fail, but can include technical support, as well as, protection against accidents, such as drops, spills or cracked screens,” adds Callahan.

As trends to work from home increase, so does the reliance on the technical devices and equipment within it. Connect Protect creates additional comfort for tech-savvy homeowners. Its comprehensive coverage makes it one of the most consumer-first home protection plans on the market today by providing one source for service, protection, and support.

“In today’s world of remote-working, or working from home, we’re all relying on our personal tech now more than ever. The Connect Protect product can really come in handy if a problem occurs or general support is needed”, said Dan Tafel, Vice President of Sales for Ironwood Warranty Group.

What’s covered: Home Office, Home Entertainment, Mobile Phones, Wearables, Smart Home Devices. For more details visit

Available now for resellers and administrators nationwide.