Ironwood Partners with Caddie to serve the HVAC Market

Ironwood Warranty Group, Inc partners with Dallas, Texas based Caddie Contractor Solutions (Caddie) to deliver customized insurance solutions for the multi-module service contractor platform in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) market. Caddie will initially launch in the major Texas markets Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and expand into the other major U.S. markets over the coming months.

“The founders of Caddie, Evan Myers and Brandon Bohannan, are industry experts and understand the complexity of running warranty programs for the HVAC market,” says Kevin Callahan, President of Ironwood Warranty Group, Inc. “We are taking our experience from building and selling a home service and warranty company and bringing those solutions to contractors,” explains Evan Myers, co-founder at Caddie. The flagship of our products is the warranty program, and the team at Ironwood Warranty Group was a perfect fit for us and our contractors. The Ironwood team’s experience in the HVAC market made it easy for us to work together to provide a flexible solution for our contractors to accommodate performance-based pricing and self-insured structures for large dealers.”

Myers and Bohannon were the founders of Fixd, a residential home warranty and home service company started in 2015. Fixd was acquired by Angi Home Services in 2019. Prior to Fixd, Evan and Brandon co-founded a conglomerate of warranty sales and administration companies in the home services industry.

Caddie is launching a service for HVAC dealers with four key modules to their warranty programs as well as other critical services including phone, internet, business insurance, and lead qualification. They will be quickly adding additional modules in the coming months. The warranty product is the first of their subscription based service contract platform and gives contractors multiple insurance options and flexible pricing based on performance.

“The cool thing about our warranty product is that the pricing flexes based on the contractor’s quality of work. For example, a contractor that has very little claims will see their pricing decrease, and a contractor that has a lot of claims will see their pricing increase. In addition, larger contractors will have the option to move into our captive warranty program in order to take advantage of massive tax benefits.” said Bohannan.