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Warranty Administration Services

Warranty Operation Consulting Services
NSA has extensive experience in warranty operations and can assist in developing the most effective and efficient warranty operation processes.

Single Source Warranty Department
NSA serves as your entire warranty department. We have everything a company needs to provide and manage on-site warranty operations. Our shared services model enables you to focus on what you do best, without the need for extensive infrastructure investment.

NSA provides professional services at a fraction of the cost. One person from your company can manage the entire operation and still have time for other responsibilities. Innovative and effective operational procedures enable this state-of-the-art solution to be set up in 30 to 45 days.

Logistical Services

National Field Service Network.

NSA maintains national networks of fully vetted and experienced field technicians in various vertical markets including major appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

All service providers are fully insured and certified.

Background checks
NSA requires all technicians that go to the customer’s home to have passed an industry standard background check.

Local Customer Carry-In Depots and Drop Off Locations
NSA has local store front locations throughout the United States where customers can drop off their small items for repair.

Ship-In Repair Depots
NSA has four regional service depots where product can be shipped for repair. NSA can ship a shipping label. Items arrive at the depot then repaired and back to the customer within one week.

Dispatch Scheduling
NSA can schedule dispatches to service providers based on their available days and capacity. The call center facing application makes it easy to schedule.

Customer Service Solutions

NSA’s innovative IRIS technology platform does more than any other service platform in the market. This amazing platform comes as part of the service. It provides complete visibility into every aspect of the repair cycle, including dispatching, availability, triage, parts ordering, parts shipment tracking, technician tracking, open claims management, claims processing, payments to the service provider and part returns processing. It is all part of NSA’s IRIS platform and gives you visibility into every event in the service cycle.

NSA provides multiple types of integrations including open API. EZ Button simplified integration provides 95% of functionality for very minimal setup costs. This is an extremely cost-effective approach to integration.

A Customer Portal link is provided for every dispatch. Emails/text messages are sent to the customer when the dispatch is set up. The customer is provided a link that they can use to access the status of their repair. This simple process eliminates many unnecessary calls to your call center and helps the customer feel in control of their repair. The customer can even reschedule a service call through the portal and see a running history of each and every event that has occurred during the repair life cycle. The customer can even track the shipment of parts that have been ordered.

Customer Communications
NSA provides a comprehensive customer communications system enabling you to schedule emails and texts to be sent to a customer at any event in the repair cycle. Texts and emails can be customized to say exactly what you want them to say. They can even be designed to reflect your corporate logo, placing your brand front and center in a great customer experience.

Saving Time & Money
NSA focuses on reducing calls to your call center. All expectations are set on the first call with the customer. A dispatch confirmation email or text can be sent that provides the contact information for the service provider, along with the date and time window during which the tech will arrive. The email or text also contains a link that enables the customer to see what is going on with their repair and to reschedule the repair appointment to a more convenient time if needed.

Triage Diagnostic Services

Virtual Technician Triage, Chat, Live, Camera Share.

NSA’s special triage application enables technicians to repair a higher percentage of dispatches on the first trip. The triage functionality determines which parts are needed based on the model number and complaint, then orders the parts and has them shipped to the technician so he has them on his truck when he goes to the customer’s home. Fewer trips = lower costs, happier customers, fewer buyouts, and calls to your call center.

Supply Chain Visibility

Parts Ordering
NSA offers options for sourcing parts that result in lower costs and faster repairs. Parts can be ordered directly on your distributor account, or through other sources as needed.

Core & Return Parts Tracking Management
When a technician replaces a part with a core, he returns the defective replaced part to the parts supplier. This entire process is tracked in the NSA system. NSA creates the return shipping label and when the core is received by the parts supplier, the scan of the return shipping label identifies the actual repair in which the part was used. NSA tracks every core and makes sure it was returned. If not, we can deduct the cost of the part from the service provider’s claim payments to recover the cost of the core. Extensive reporting and queues make the management of returns a simplified process.

Parts Invoice Reconciliation
We have reporting that reconciles parts statements to parts that were ordered, parts that were included on completed tickets, parts ordered for repairs that are in process, parts not used and parts returned.

Closed Loop Parts Processing
NSA’s closed-loop parts processing is used for OEM’s to track the usage of parts on a warranty claim and determine if the part was actually defective or not. A certain percentage of installed parts are returned as a core where they are tested to validate if the part actually needed to be replaced. This simple test is very cost effective and helps decide which parts should be recommended during the triage process. It also provides a pool of parts that can be sent to the engineers to determine a better design and reduce part failures.

Client Dashboard

Open Repair Management
We take the headache out of managing open repairs. Our team of regional service managers uses powerful dashboards and automation tools that identify potential problems before they mature so they can be resolved in a timely manner to deliver a positive customer experience.

Service Analytics
NSA clients have access to one of the most powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics programs available included at NO additional charge. This tool is directly connected to your company’s service data and enables you to design a unique dashboard that meets your specific needs. This tool provides a powerful capability to filter, slice, and dice the data quickly and easily so that you have all of the information needed to make informed strategic and operational decisions.

Payments to Service Providers
NSA pays all of its service providers through direct deposit to their bank or through a credit card. The choice is up to the service provider.